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The subject of this article might also be known as “The Beyond” and “ Otherworld”

The Alterworld, Otherworld or Beyond is an alternate dimension which is now permanently linked to Earth at Hellsalem's Lot.

Not much is known about the Alterworld, except that it is home to the supernatural and to otherworldly creatures like aliens, demons and monsters, and it is a world completely enveloped in mist. Humans don’t usually venture there.


Magra de Grana said that on the day of the Great Collapse, the Beyond was in as much chaos as the human world.

While the gate at HL is the biggest and more stable portal to ever open to the Beyond, in the past there have been innumerable times where the two worlds intersected, allowing beings and artifacts from the alterworld to cross to this side and vice versa. These connections were the source of many myths and inexplicable events in the human world.[1]

Don Arlelelle's mansion, after welcoming Klaus, K.K. and Ulchenko, was believed to move deep down crossing to the other side of the gate.[2]

The Bradbury General Hospital ended in the Otherworld right after the Collapse, where it was found by Magra de Grana. It emerged again in the human side of Hellsalem’s Lot three years later.[3]


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