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Aligura (アリギュラ, Arigyura), the 'Queen of Monomania' (偏執王, Henshū-ō) is one of the Thirteen Kings.


Despite being a Beyondian, she looks extremely human, or at least on the surface. She wears a metallic mask over her face that looks similar to Femt's except hers can open in the middle to reveal a single Cyclopean eye.


As the Queen Of Monomania, Aligura focuses on a single thing to the detriment of all other things, willing to kill and/or maim anything and anyone who dares stand in between her and what she wants and with no regards for how much money and resources she must expend to complete her goal. At the moment, she is focused on getting her boyfriend and his vessel body back, and her love has mutated into a twisted, violently possessive devotion.

When in situations that don't involve her obsession, she is one of the more level headed Kings met in the series, willing to give Leo well meaning relationship advice or spend a day just watching fireworks. Still, she won't pass up a chance to cause mayhem if another King makes the offer.


Before the series began she was dating Deldro, whom she genuinely loves; and her affections were reciprocated. What wasn't reciprocated was her desire to turn him into a blood monster that could possess a more attractive body which she, nonetheless, did by literally liquefying his body, emptying Dog Hummer of his blood, and replacing his blood with the now liquefied Deldro. 

Deldro was, understandably, upset by this and broke up with her. Sadly for Deldro and Dog, the breakup didn't dampen her affections at all and she is now tearing apart the city in an attempt to get them back by force, no matter the cost.  

Power & Abilities[]

As one of the Thirteen Kings, she holds considerable influence over the Beyondian criminal underworld, and is able to survive in the otherworldly conditions of the other side. She is far more durable than a normal human, able to survive being launched across the city hard enough to form a crater.


  • Aligura is one of the few characters who's name is not altered in the Anime, and matches her translated name in the Dark Horse Manga name translation. 
  • Her dress however, is not the same as the one from the manga, being more simple in nature, and lacking the Gothic lolita style it had, (Seemingly swapped for a more Steampunk themed Sweet or Hime Lolita style, It's also possible to be Sailor styled, or a mix of two or more styles.) as well as the lace choker she had around her neck being completely absent, her shoes are also notably also not the same, as her manga appearance had Gothic Lolita styled Gogo boots with lace laces.