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Alice Neverhayworth (アリス・ネバーヘイワーズ, Arisu nebāheiwāzu) is the warden of Pandorum Asylum. She is quite strict and takes great pride in her duties as warden.


Pandorum Asylum Rhapsody[]

Klaus and Abrams came asking for Dog Hummer to be released on bail, because Aligura is planning to recapture him and it will be a disaster if she reaches the facility and destroys it.

Still, Alice refuses out of pride, arguing that she is more than capable of defending the asylum from Aligura. Klaus proves her wrong by defeating her in a battle, so as promised she allows bail for both Brody & Hummer.

Desperate Fight in the Macro Zone[]

The warden is irritated at Brody & Hummer being allowed out to see an art exhibition, with her being stuck guarding him when she has more important duties. Still, not immune to Hummer’s charm, her annoyance subsides a little.

While returning to the Asylum, they cross paths with an angry, giant Riel that is growing stronger and bigger thanks to Gemnemo. She allows Hummer to help Klaus in dealing with it, but after failing in doing so Klaus asks them to leave the place.

Calamity Auction[]

Alice isn’t surprised when Klaus is taken to the Asylum by US government's order, claiming she has always expected for him to end up there one day.

When the supposed USA President himself shows up asking for Klaus' release, her instincts tell her something is not right even when all security measures confirm his identity. Trusting her instincts, she confronts him and so Femt removes his disguise.


  1. She briefly appears in the background on Episode 5