Kanji: パトリック
Romaji: Patorikku
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Libra
Anime Debut: Episode 4
Manga Debut: Chapter 3
Japanese Voice: Ishizuka Unshou (anime)
English Voice: Major Attaway
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Patrick (パトリック, Patorikku) is a Libra agent known as the Armory.


Patrick is a very muscular man, he has dark skin with messy, shoulder-length black hair. He is mostly seen wearing a dark winter coat over a white sweater, and sunglasses.

Personality Modifier

He is somewhat playful, despite being a weapons dealer, Patrick apparently dislikes using weapons or fighting at all, content to sit back and let others use his wares to raise hell.


Power & AbilitiesModifier

He has the power of fire.

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