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Don Arlelelle Eruca Fulgrouche
Fichier:Don Arlelelle.png
Kanji: ドン・アルルエル・エルカ・フルグルシュ
Romaji: Don Arurueru Eruka Furugurushu
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Anime Debut: Episode 3
Japanese Voice: Iizuka Shouzou (anime)
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Don Arlelelle Eruca Fulgrouche (ドン・アルルエル・エルカ・フルグルシュ, Don Arurueru Eruka Furugurushu) is a beyondian and one of the leading bosses of the alterworld. He is big fan of the Prosfair game.



Considered one of the most influential & mysterious Mob bosses in the Beyond, very little is known about him, save that he is an avid Pross-Fair player & is willing to offer favors to anyone who can 'entertain' him for a set period of time in proportion to the magnitude of the request.

Despite his skill, he is not above using psychological tactics & hostages in order to control his opponents, such as arranging for Klaus to be present for Ulchelko's match, knowing he'd offer himself to save the chessmaster, & informing the Libra Leader of Ulchelko's addendum that the Don kill him & K.K to keep his presence a secret.


Don Arlelelle is first seen when Klaus & K.K arrive at his mansion, deep within the beyond, in order to obtain information on the distribution of the drug, Angel Scale.

However, the Don had set things up purposefully so that Chess Grandmaster Ulchelko would challenge him first, the chessmaster seeking Nuclear weapons for his country, with the addendum that the Don kill Klaus & K.K to keep his presence a secret.

Per Klaus' prediction, Ulchelko is unable to bear & is soundly defeated by Arlelelle, who attempts to remove his brain. Klaus intercedes, as Arlelelle predicted, and the two engage in a game of Pross-Fair for knowledge of the distribution routes & Ulchelko's release.

During the game, Arlelelle casually reveals toUlchelko's addendum to Klaus with the intent of tripping him up. The plan backfires & Klaus manages to survive the time limit.

Power & Abilities[]

Very little is known about Don Arlelelle, though his power & influence within the beyond is said too border on divine. This is evidenced by the special room he prepared in order to play prosfair, which diverts the law of space time.